A path without conditions

“cowardice will always obscure…”

Having grace

That focus on the Most High callously drowns those encumbrances of faith in the wake of grace. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

My declaration to death

Death… You have come into my orbit more than I would like, but I feel compelled to advise you of the not-so obvious. I don’t cry because you’ve won. I don’t cower in the shadow of your perceived power. On the contrary. I cry… I stand weary and burdened because of my selfishness. I sayContinue reading “My declaration to death”

Beatdown to Liftoff – An epiphany

Sometimes we are beat down so much by the travails of life that it seems intolerable at best. Are we being punished? Is it that we aren’t loved? Have we been forsaken? But… Maybe it is something else. Perhaps it is to reinforce a familiarity with the ground, the depths, that distance from our greatestContinue reading “Beatdown to Liftoff – An epiphany”