Those who shout

“… of the highest glory …”

What is enough?

Consistency… Man’s inhumanity towards man. I always marvel at how quickly the fires of vitriol are extinguished. The finger unfurls itself from its accusatory position and lies, flaccid as if it wasn’t casting blame just moments before. How the shadows of duplicity make themselves known in the glare of light. Silence is sanction and aContinue reading “What is enough?”

Turning the other cheek on The Duck Dynasty Controversy

Disclaimer… I am humbly pounding out my take on the Phil Robertson controversy on the keyboard with the expectation that this will be one of the shortest things that I have ever written. Let’s see how this goes… I don’t profess to understand the appeal behind the Duck Dynasty phenomenon. Personally, I abhor Reality TV,Continue reading “Turning the other cheek on The Duck Dynasty Controversy”