Prayer – You can’t put it in a box

One of my readers, that I have the dual privilege of being a subscriber to his blog as well asked me to expand on a statement that I made previously about prayer being an action, it was an epiphany of sorts as I’ve come to the realization that prayer is more than a stoic act of being still and pious, it is quite the opposite; for me prayer is action.

Prayer is a natural response to what life places in our respective paths and there is no shortage of situations that will undoubtedly fuel a call to prayer, but where does that leave people who don’t subscribe to a belief or question the existence of God? Call me crazy, but I’m inclined to think that God isn’t worried about segments of humanity harboring doubts. Actually, I’m convinced that is one of the prime benefits of being omnipotent.

My faith in God is connected to, my experience. It is this experience that lets me know that deference to a higher power is not an act of insanity or intellectual laziness, it is an ongoing action, a progression of growth. However, I find myself unable to deem those who don’t harbor a belief in God as faulty, deficient or morally bankrupt, their humanity and experience is just as valid as mine. As for me I feel that it is illogical to project what I believe into their sphere, for the simple fact that my journey, isn’t theirs. Besides, I harbor this unconventional view of God not appreciating labels, the idea that we can place God into a neat little box is laughable at best, but what do I know?

There are many definitions for prayer and interestingly enough, not all of them make reference to God. If we break it down to the base level without getting entangled in the weeds of religious denominations and the like, everyone partakes in prayer, in some way shape or form. We just go about it in different ways. Prayer is essentially an act of adoration to a higher power, something bigger than us. So, if that involves sitting at the base of a cliff, reclining at a base of a waterfall and letting the mist cover you with wet kisses or walking leisurely through a tree lined forest, saying nothing…

Overlook of Kilgore Falls
Overlook of Kilgore Falls
In the midst of the Patapsco Valley
In the midst of the Patapsco Valley

Then you are engaging in prayer. Prayer is something that I liken to a manufacturer reset. In that we get bogged down the mundane details and monotony of our daily lives and naturally, we look for that proverbial button that enables us to wipe the sludge and the fleeting desire to chop someone in the larynx from our minds.

And then we exhale… Feeling renewed.

Prayer, supplication, meditation, call it what you will. This action has the effect of extracting us from our circumstances for a period of time.

During my excursions I frequent State parks throughout Maryland. I take pleasure in losing track of time as well as the weight from whatever was burdening me.

Being enveloped in the confines of natural beauty and always finding a seat in the middle of a stream regardless of where I am is indicative of something bigger than me and that is more than enough. cropped-susquehannashunp.jpg



  1. I really enjoyed this post. It was inspiring and made me laugh (chop someone in the larynx!). That picture of Patapsco Valley really took me away to that serene prayerful space, even though I’m sitting in my living room. Well done.


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time. We’ve all had that moment of wanting to chop someone in the larynx. It is human nature.


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