What sentence are you serving?

Judge, Jury, Warden and Executioner.

Be like death

Haughtiness is a poison – fueling those lies spoken in place of echoing truth. Proclaiming that “I will get out of here alive” rather than procuring a teachable moment from what we cower in fear of. Death. That entity – consistent, patient and merciless in accomplishing its stated goal. Be like Death in taking versusContinue reading “Be like death”

My Poe Pilgrimage

I found myself burdened today. Bewildered with a heavy realization. That. To gain stature, one must eat, knowing that procuring nourishment is not an optional endeavor. There is always an open seat at the table of humility, but the shadows of haughtiness and ego are prone to obscuring our line of sight. Today was aContinue reading “My Poe Pilgrimage”

My declaration to death

Death… You have come into my orbit more than I would like, but I feel compelled to advise you of the not-so obvious. I don’t cry because you’ve won. I don’t cower in the shadow of your perceived power. On the contrary. I cry… I stand weary and burdened because of my selfishness. I sayContinue reading “My declaration to death”