We can’t stop on the path

“… because there is nothing of consequence…”

What sentence are you serving?

Judge, Jury, Warden and Executioner.

Facing grace

Trip, stumble, fall languishing through it all but – I call on your beneficent omnipotence. Lord… I am not unlike a flower – desirous of the rays – that irradiation of your grace. Searching dutifully for your face. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

The soul of the hostage

Hostage to hypocritical notions devotion versus revocation pontificating for parole. A belabored soul endeavoring to gain while securing nothing, but lamentations of battles lost. Aspiring for the exigency of grace to combat the improbable. Rising up, infused… bearing witness to petitions of affirmations that. My soul ain’t for sale. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All RightsContinue reading “The soul of the hostage”