Confronting the cancer that is ignored

I woke up in the middle of the night… And – was taken back to my excursion this past weekend, I liken them to conferences with the Almighty. Aspiring to see my contradictions for what they are rather than denying their existence. Searching out and cornering my hypocrises so that I can outgrow them, showsContinue reading “Confronting the cancer that is ignored”

Be like death

Haughtiness is a poison – fueling those lies spoken in place of echoing truth. Proclaiming that “I will get out of here alive” rather than procuring a teachable moment from what we cower in fear of. Death. That entity – consistent, patient and merciless in accomplishing its stated goal. Be like Death in taking versusContinue reading “Be like death”

When naiveté looms

Sleep is a metaphor that walks in tandem with death. Each day we die – only to awake, resurrected to new opportunities. That being said, living life with our eyes open is essential – it is epitome of living. While naiveté is the cold grip, the finality of death. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All RightsContinue reading “When naiveté looms”

Longing for grace

As I stood here engrossed in thought, wondering. If I aspire to see God’s face. Knowing that this fixation will ensure that I remain unencumbered, by that which would serve to distract me from my freedom. That being said, why is this endeavor wraught with so much difficulty? The distractions of my journey have theContinue reading “Longing for grace”

We’re not getting out – An epiphany

I’ve alluded to it before. Of my faults, shortcomings and contradictions I can say definitely that naiveté might be the most dangerous flaw of the lot. I mentioned in a previous piece about the need for us to float in the sea of our contradictions to ensure that we don’t drown beneath the depths. AContinue reading “We’re not getting out – An epiphany”

The art of creating

My passions are clustered closely together, sharing the commonality of creation. Whether it is my excursions into the depths of nature, earnestly searching for the face of God, but being content with hearing his heartbeat. Or my cobbling together of words in an effort to make sense of my place, my role on this planet.Continue reading “The art of creating”

Power in a whisper – An epiphany

“God doesn’t need to shout when whispering is enough” is an ongoing refrain that I’ve employed in some of my essays over the course of the past year or so. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but I am inclined to lean towards the simplest of explanations and attribute it to divine intervention, but that wouldContinue reading “Power in a whisper – An epiphany”