Heroes and humanity

Riding my mountain bike has served as my muse ever since I could remember, but as with anything life can get in the way and obscure that which is right in front of us. For me it took a brush with my own mortality to rediscover what I had lost. As I was riding thisContinue reading “Heroes and humanity”


Pause from the pedal

I’ve put in about 7.2 miles according to my speedometer. Riding along a beautiful stretch of Herring Run started me to thinking about what a contradiction that this slice of nature is and how it serves as a metaphor for people and life in general. The thoughts racing through my head ultimately became too muchContinue reading “Pause from the pedal”

Littering: a hobby, sport or just plain stupid?

I am still in a daze of disbelief, the sheer innocence and ignorance of the event was numbing at best. A long day coming to a close with a few scant minutes of sunlight left, I was looking forward to just sitting in one place and listen to the melodic sounds of my knees pop.Continue reading “Littering: a hobby, sport or just plain stupid?”

A tonic to what ills society: Dad as Superhero?

America needs a superhero and the criteria shouldn’t be that the person be able to fly, shoot beams of pulsating light from their eye sockets or even wielding superhuman strength for that matter. That would be setting the bar too low I fear… How about men, who have children becoming the ultimate superhero…. Dad. NowadaysContinue reading “A tonic to what ills society: Dad as Superhero?”