Tag: calling out to God

When we don’t have power in an arena of our own lives – it is only natural that we cannibalize from other venues in order to feed ourselves. Survival of the fittest? However – It is incumbent that we understand – that giving back more than what we take; is the key to empowerment. A […]

Pain begets creativity and creativity pain the cyclical nature essentially the same. Domiciled in perpetuity where a modicum of calm abides in a tempest of tumult – that eye of the hurricane.

My passions are clustered closely together, sharing the commonality of creation. Whether it is my excursions into the depths of nature, earnestly searching for the face of God, but being content with hearing his heartbeat. Or my cobbling together of words in an effort to make sense of my place, my role on this planet. […]

Hostage to hypocritical notions devotion versus revocation pontificating for parole… A belabored soul endeavoring to gain while securing nothing, but lamentations of battles lost. Aspiring for the exigency of grace to combat the improbable. Rising up, infused… Bearing witness to petitions of affirmations that… My soul ain’t for sale. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights […]