Words for my Father on Father’s Day

“With the understanding…”

Is an ovation really called for?

My siblings routinely accuse me of remembering everything, regardless of how inconsequential the event or circumstance, I seem to retain it. I’m not sure how much truth their accusations hold, but I must admit that find myself stuck in a perpetual time warp of sorts on a pretty regular basis, drowning in the depths ofContinue reading “Is an ovation really called for?”

The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica

When I was a kid there was an album that my Father would always play on the record player that I resigned myself to being lost to the ages, I wasn’t any older than 4 years old, so it is safe to say that I hadn’t mastered the art of connecting a name to aContinue reading “The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica”

Mandates should never go out of style – A gift from my Dad

Nowadays it seems that madness is the norm, rather than the exception. My  Grandmother had a saying that she relayed to my Dad when he was a child and in turn he relayed it to me and my siblings. “It starts at home and spreads abroad.” This was often the opening to one of hisContinue reading “Mandates should never go out of style – A gift from my Dad”

A tonic to what ills society: Dad as Superhero?

America needs a superhero and the criteria shouldn’t be that the person be able to fly, shoot beams of pulsating light from their eye sockets or even wielding superhuman strength for that matter. That would be setting the bar too low I fear… How about men, who have children becoming the ultimate superhero…. Dad. NowadaysContinue reading “A tonic to what ills society: Dad as Superhero?”