Month: August 2015

There is a sad tradition in America of blaming the powerless for the machinations of the well heeled and influential who have had a hand in creating said conditions that impact the whole. If you listen quietly… You can hear a chorus of chuckling because the joke is on those pointing the finger in the […]

I often make allusions to time being an unharnessed entity that is content with sweeping everything and everyone along with it without their consent. More recently I made an observation that: “you can’t keep track of time, but time is surely keeping track of you.” So when the time came for me to drop my […]

Sometimes we are beat down so much by the travails of life that it seems intolerable at best. Are we being punished? Is it that we aren’t loved? Have we been forsaken? But… Maybe it is something else. Perhaps it is to reinforce a familiarity with the ground, the depths, that distance from our greatest […]

As for me consistent inconsistency should be heralded, applauded and embraced, it keeps me nimble. Human beings are fickle and the pedestals we place them on are often of shoddy quality as the materials that we use, are often comprised of our expectations. I use to despair of the travails of life, until I realized […]

Weaponize that which becomes dull through misuse abuse misappropriation adulteration… Administrations stand to be impeached. As a mind unrefined is left victim to the hands of time.

Being broken down to our core elements is a necessity, if we are to realize the deeply held aspirations of being better than what we were. Our face must touch the ground in humility, so that we are compelled to look up in acknowledgement of where the reservoirs of resolve are stored. Copyright © 2015 […]

“God doesn’t need to shout when whispering is enough” is an ongoing refrain that I’ve employed in some of my essays over the course of the past year or so. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but I am inclined to lean towards the simplest of explanations and attribute it to divine intervention, but that would […]