Friends as meteorites

Pulled into our orbits… By the gravity of who we are

The Youngblood Chronicles: Y’all gotta set a example – The Patterson Brothers

I slipped out the house, successfully eluding the detection my parents who were snoring heavily in concert with the Sandman. I closed and locked the door with the velvet touch of a cat burglar, I gleefully hopped down the stairs and turned the corner with a sense of purpose and self-assurance, my shirt was crisplyContinue reading “The Youngblood Chronicles: Y’all gotta set a example – The Patterson Brothers”

Daddy, I wanted you to know – A Father’s Day tribute

At the time had I realized the gravity of not having a Dad around and the earnestness that was omnipresent in your voice when you recalled how your own Father was largely absent when you and your siblings were growing up, it would have shaken me to the core. Fortunately for me, this was neverContinue reading “Daddy, I wanted you to know – A Father’s Day tribute”

The ties that bind – A birthday poem for my sister

When my opponents were arrayed against me. You stood as My sole proponent. Without you I can’t quantify or fathom the concept of me. Laughing, crying, confiding. Ingredients to the ties that bind. Which runs counter to infinitesimal and can never be loosened or pulled asunder. My sister.   Happy Birthday sis!