The transitioning

I heard, my heart sank. A tear formed. I sighed deeply. I never met you, but my heart said otherwise in lieu of your residence inside. I could not disguise the selfishness, my human nature of mourning your passing instead of celebrating your transition to a higher administration. You haven’t left You’ve merely progressed fromContinue reading “The transitioning”

Divided loyalties – Speaking truth to myself

Life gives the contrast for appreciation, often it just requires being still, engaged in active listening. Being willing to accept what is given, regardless if it is what we want at the time. Being loyal to yourself is a concept that constantly gets lost in the realm of the esoteric. Sadly, like many of theContinue reading “Divided loyalties – Speaking truth to myself”

Friends… How many of us have them?

What are friends. If they don’t inspire you? If they don’t reflect back what was freely given Without an expectation of a ROI. Friends are always there, their presence not predicated on when they need something, as they callously sling The painful darts of… Let me, gimme, I need, can you? As these words CutContinue reading “Friends… How many of us have them?”

My take on advancing the Dream – An ode to my Grandmother and the other Giants

I have always been entranced by the narrative of history ever since my father mandated that reading the family collection of World Book encyclopedias was to be my sole form of entertainment. Initially, I equated it with cruel and unusual punishment before I realized the power that came with the comprehension and respect of history.Continue reading “My take on advancing the Dream – An ode to my Grandmother and the other Giants”