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I’ve tendered my…

Divided loyalties – Speaking truth to myself

Life gives the contrast for appreciation, often it just requires being still, engaged in active listening. Being willing to accept what is given, regardless if it is what we want at the time. Being loyal to yourself is a concept that constantly gets lost in the realm of the esoteric. Sadly, like many of theContinue reading “Divided loyalties – Speaking truth to myself”

A coupon for my humanity

I woke up this morning and grumbled as my eyes adjusted to the light flowing in through the window. I let out a supersonic groan of sorts, noticing that it was snowing lead to me covering my head with the blanket. It was apparent that my hate/hate relationship with snow would continue in earnest. IContinue reading “A coupon for my humanity”

If you sit on your rump… the world will pass you by.

Silence often brings clarity that I liken to the truth rolling from the very lips of the Almighty. In extracting and giving myself a reprieve from what drains me – I am realizing that clarity is becoming more comfortable with the concept of me. The proverbial fog is starting to clear… I am not aContinue reading “If you sit on your rump… the world will pass you by.”