My reflections on Thanksgiving before it morphs into a hustle

My ongoing journey throughout life has taught me a great many things; often it has shown me to be naïve about a multitude of issues, much to my dismay. Thanksgiving is one those instances that has always driven my naiveté home for me, in that I took the affinity I had for it for granted.Continue reading “My reflections on Thanksgiving before it morphs into a hustle”

Momma: Reflections from your son on your Birthday.

As a grown man, I can look back with clarity on years that have elapsed and for the life of me, I am at a loss as to what thought process was running through my head as a child. Many people reflect back on their respective childhoods with recollections of the difficulties that they burdenedContinue reading “Momma: Reflections from your son on your Birthday.”

So I found myself … Now what?

This picture sums up the week I spent on the Big Island. Awe inspiring; breathtaking, invigorating and reflective are some of the adjectives that come to mind. In retrospect, I was lost but was able to find myself here, but up to this point I was shamefully oblivious to the fact that I’ve been wastingContinue reading “So I found myself … Now what?”

Enlisting Father Time as my companion.

It wasn’t unlike the opening minutes of a 12 round fight; circling my antagonist with my guard up probing for any weaknesses that I could exploit to my advantage, but I quickly found there were none at my disposal. Unfortunately for me this foe is unlike any that I have encountered, my jabs will notContinue reading “Enlisting Father Time as my companion.”