Birthday words for my Father

“You told me that words would define me…”

Dearest Chicago – Talking out loud

Dearest Chicago, I’ve written about the affinity that I have for you on a number of occasions, most recently in a well-received tome that I penned during a flight home last year. Unfortunately, it seems that I can always count on you for being in the news for all of the wrong reasons. The latestContinue reading “Dearest Chicago – Talking out loud”

How did I get nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award?

I’d be remiss not to give a shout out to Visionariekind, the writer previously known as Kneal1 who tapped me with this honor/nomination. She described my blog as a “breath of fresh air” which is in direct contrast to my stationary opinion of my website/blog, I don’t have the largest following nor do people plasterContinue reading “How did I get nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award?”

Harboring treasonous thoughts or not?

In a world where the foundation is skewed towards the slow erosion of our humanity in exchange for likes and shares. I find that I have grown jaded, much to my dismay. Endeavoring to be consequential is met with a proverbial rolling of the eyes. Where admitting that you are a flawed, malleable, yet functioningContinue reading “Harboring treasonous thoughts or not?”

I used to have it all figured out, until one day I didn’t.

Living in the moment is a fallacy.

When memories come calling…

“You remember the most obscure stuff” is a frequent refrain that I hear from family members, perhaps it is my lot in life as the middle child that has cast this mutant ability onto my reluctant shoulders, but I don’t recall asking for it. Often the memories come rushing back with such deafening frequency thatContinue reading “When memories come calling…”

Protected: A narrative of not being ready yet…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.