An apology to Universe – The aftermath of Father’s Day

Who am I to judge?

Daddy, I wanted you to know – A Father’s Day tribute

At the time had I realized the gravity of not having a Dad around and the earnestness that was omnipresent in your voice when you recalled how your own Father was largely absent when you and your siblings were growing up, it would have shaken me to the core. Fortunately for me, this was neverContinue reading “Daddy, I wanted you to know – A Father’s Day tribute”

Is an ovation really called for?

My siblings routinely accuse me of remembering everything, regardless of how inconsequential the event or circumstance, I seem to retain it. I’m not sure how much truth their accusations hold, but I must admit that find myself stuck in a perpetual time warp of sorts on a pretty regular basis, drowning in the depths ofContinue reading “Is an ovation really called for?”

A perfect love – An ode to parenting

The concept of the perfect parent in the mold of Donna Reed or the sage wisdom of Cliff Huxtable is a sad fallacy that many, if not all people who hold the title of parent can never hope to achieve. It has been a contention of mine over the years, especially in lieu of timeContinue reading “A perfect love – An ode to parenting”

The Staring Match

There has been a host of consistent interactions throughout my time on this planet. As of late it would seem that the eternal staring match that has ensued between me and the contemporary form “papyrus” has been something that I have been unable to dispense myself of. Whether it has been in the form ofContinue reading “The Staring Match”

My corporal punishment was unconditional love

I grew up in the latter half of the 1970’s and the early 1980’s, where corporal punishment was the rule of thumb. My parents scoffed at the concept of sparing the rod, breaking the rod was probably more in line with their philosophy. In retrospect I am grateful that the rod was not withheld andContinue reading “My corporal punishment was unconditional love”