The transitioning

I heard, my heart sank. A tear formed. I sighed deeply. I never met you, but my heart said otherwise in lieu of your residence inside. I could not disguise the selfishness, my human nature of mourning your passing instead of celebrating your transition to a higher administration. You haven’t left You’ve merely progressed fromContinue reading “The transitioning”

The ties that bind – A birthday poem for my sister

When my opponents were arrayed against me. You stood as My sole proponent. Without you I can’t quantify or fathom the concept of me. Laughing, crying, confiding. Ingredients to the ties that bind. Which runs counter to infinitesimal and can never be loosened or pulled asunder. My sister.   Happy Birthday sis!

Is an ovation really called for?

My siblings routinely accuse me of remembering everything, regardless of how inconsequential the event or circumstance, I seem to retain it. I’m not sure how much truth their accusations hold, but I must admit that find myself stuck in a perpetual time warp of sorts on a pretty regular basis, drowning in the depths ofContinue reading “Is an ovation really called for?”

My thoughts on being nominated for a Liebster Award

I have been the recipient of many awards and accolades during my time on the Planet Earth, but there is nothing that I hold in higher esteem than someone harboring a belief that I am a “good” writer, knowing that something that I pounded out on my laptop has either empowered, elicited a chuckle orContinue reading “My thoughts on being nominated for a Liebster Award”